Elected Officials

   Mayor Cowling-Carson

   Borough Council

      Paula Bonamassa

      Anthony DePrince

      Rick Krause

      Mary Martz

      Odell Saxton

      Steven Whalen


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2018 Elected Officials


The Borough of Magnolia utilizes the "Borough Form" of municipal government.  This form features an elected Mayor and Borough Council.  The Mayor can only vote to break a tie of the six member council.  Elections are partisan.  Borough Council performs most legislative and executive functions.


Honorable Mayor Betty Ann Cowling-Carson

(856)783-1520 x 124


Mayor BettyAnn Cowling-Carson 



2018 Borough Council



Council President

Odell Saxton

Director of Facilities, Recreation and Community Development


(856)783-1520 x 156



Paula Bonamassa

Director of Public Works

and Technology


(856)783-1520 x 154




Anthony DePrince

Director of Public Safety


(856)783-1520 x 157


 Councilman Odell Saxton Councilwoman Paula Bonamassa Councilman Anthony DePrince III


Rick Krause

Director of Public Events and Compliance


(856)783-1520 x 158


Mary Martz

Director of Planning, Codes, Licensing and Street Lighting


(856)783-1520 x 155




Steve Whalen

Director of Finance & Administration


(856)783-1520 x 159


Councilman Rick Kraus Councilwoman Mary Martz Councilman Steve Whalen 


Mayor and Borough Council meet monthly.  A caucus is held at 7:00 PM the first Wednesday of the month.  The caucus precedes the regular council meeting and is generally used to review the agenda of the meeting.  A regular council meeting is held at 8:00 PM on the first Wednesday of the month.  An additional work session is held the at 7:00 PM the third Thursday of the month.


Meetings are advertised in the Courier-Post and Record BreezeA schedule of meetings is also posted at the Borough Hall.  Meeting agendas and minutes of past meetings can be found on our website.


From time to time special meetings are called; these meeting will be advertised in advance.


For additional details, please visit the Borough Calendar or contact us at (856)783-1520.


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