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Borough of Magnolia Announces Single-Stream Recycling

January 1, 2008


The Borough of Magnolia is pleased to announce the availability of Single Stream Recycling to all residents.  Single-stream recyclables will be picked up once a week.  Residences on the east side of the railroad tracks will be picked up on Tuesdays.  Residences on the west side of the railroad tracks will be picked up on Thursdays.


All recyclables must be placed in the blue can (glass, aluminum, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.) and will be separated at the recycling center.  The new system of recycling will make it easier for residents as well as for Borough collection.


The Borough will receive $10 for every ton of single-stream recyclables that are recycled.  We currently pay $63 for every ton of trash that we dispose of.  Therefore, you can see why it is so important to comply with the New Jersey Recycling Law.


All large corrugated cardboard must be cut so it will dump out of the blue recycling buckets.  Please do not crush large cardboard boxes into the recycling can as they will not dump into the recycling truck.  Either cut the pieces or call Public Works for a large cardboard pick-up.


The more tonnage that we recycle, the more money we save.  Your cooperation and support is needed to make this program a success.





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