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School Tax Rate Error

July 20, 2009


A post card from Magnolia School has pointed out a School Tax Rate which is much higher than expected due to incorrect information presented at the School Budget presentation on March 31st.  It was at this meeting that the Magnolia School Board informed residents of a decrease in the school tax rate.  This misinformation was not detected by Borough officials until the full tax rate was disclosed on our municipal tax bills.  To confirm the legality of this increase our municipal financial team has requested and received Magnolia School’s financial documentation including the full budget, board minutes, and audit report for the last three years.  We will be conducting a thorough review of these documents to confirm their accuracy and compliance.  If you should have any questions please contact me or our tax collector at 783-1520, ext. 111. 


Updated August 7, 2009 with letter from Mayor Cowling-Carson and Councilman Whalen.


Updated August 19, 2009 with letter from Mayor Cowling-Carson and Councilman Whalen to Camden County Superintendent Nicolosi.





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