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Thank you from Mr. and Mrs. Pace

October 3, 2011


Dear Mayor Cowling-Carson and Chief Wolf,


We are sorry that we have not gotten to you sooner with our sincerest "THANK YOU" for all both of you and the entire Borough of Magnolia did to support Capt Chris Pace (our son) and his "Journey of Freedom".  "Thank You" in no way seems enough to show our gratitude to all those that stood along the street, volunteered to set up for the event, gave up their Saturday morning to support Chris or in anyway contributed to the "Journey of Freedom".  We were speechless and overwhelmed by the dedication, consideration and commitment all of you made to make the "Journey" a success.  We continue to look at the videos posted on YouTube and those we have seen on the other websites and still can not believe what we witnessed in Magnolia on Sept 10, 2011!  Thoughts of that day bring tears to our eyes as we think of how you all showed what America is truly about.  It is a day that we will never forget!  Magnolia will always hold a special place in our hearts.


If it is possible someway to pass on our sincere "Thank You" to the Police Dept, the citizens of Magnolia and all those that helped on that day could you please do so?  Possibly there is a local paper that would print our "Thank You"? 


Best Wishes and our Sincere "Thank You",

Charlie and Mary Lou Pace

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