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Peddler/Hawker Licenses



MAGNOLIA, NJ -- Per Chapter 202 of the Borough Code, all door to door solicitors, are to possess a license issued by the Municipal Clerks office of the Borough of Magnolia.

An example of the license provided is below:


Peddler/Hawker License Example 

If there are any questions relating to a permit, its issuance, or steps to obtain one, please contact the Municipal Clerk at 856-783-1520 x110.

As of the date of this post the only licensed individuals in the Borough of Magnolia are Mister Softee, and Power Home Remodeling Group.

Licenses are required to be shown upon demand by any resident, and if one cannot be provided, we ask that you contact the non emergency line at 856-784-1884 with a description of the individual.


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